“Real Radon”

  All good home inspectors provide their clients with a complete, honest evaluation of their the home they're about to buy. A good home inspector should also offer clients a radon test. The national average is about 7% of homes that are tested have elevated readings. We can provide you with peace of mind [...]

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Electrical concerns on your inspection

I wanted to mention the concerns that come up during the electrical service evaluation in a home inspection. The electrical supply and distribution is perhaps the most misunderstood and many times difficult to explain properly to someone getting a home inspection. Since most home owners would never remove their service panel cover(s) most everything in [...]

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Do I really need a Radon test ?

This is something I get asked all the time. Basically every home inspection comes with the option of accepting or declining a radon test. People most often decline testing for radon. My guess is that by the time the home inspection takes place many buyers feel "tapped out" for spending. Here are some radon facts: [...]

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